In modern parcel and distribution centres, everything hinges around the procurement of high efficiency intralogistics processes covering both incoming goods and outgoing goods. SOVEX, together with parent company TRANSNORM, worked in tandem to showcase the options for meeting this demand at this year’s LogiMAT trade fair. The exhibition portfolio included an extensive range of conveyor equipment modules and solutions, which for the very first time also comprised TRANSNORM equipment dovetailing seamlessly with SOVEX’s innovative Telescopic Boom Conveyor to serve for loading and unloading.


The trade fair visitors were able to experience the impressive levels of functionality of high performance modules and solutions from SOVEX and TRANSNORM on a demo system that reflected the day-to-day practical aspect of logistics. At the same time, cartons, containers, trays, as well as non-rigid goods for transport such as envelopes, blister packings and barrels can be transported and distributed. In this process, the efficient interaction of modules and system components from the fields of loading and unloading, as well as curve transportation, sorting and distribution, alignment and timing became apparent for visitors.


A SOVEX Compact Boom featuring 4 extendable telescopic sections and an extension of over 10m for deep vehicle penetration catered to the demand for robust vehicle loading and unloading.  This module, with its 4.2m length in the retracted position, represented the perfect space-saving complement to the other modules in the layout.  In addition to the SOVEX Vehicle Loader module and the world renowned TRANSNORM belt curve, the system deployed a new alignment conveyor with an integrated motorised belt diverter and the new TRANSNORM timing conveyor. The task of distribution was handled, among other things, by a SmartSort® roller conveyor with electrically driven swivel rollers.


With the help of these high performance modules and solutions, TRANSNORM Group now covers the fields of transporting, separating or distributing as well as loading and unloading from heavy goods vehicles and smaller transporters. All of these are functions that are an important criterion for an investment decision for integrators and end customers in parcel and distribution centres. 



The range of conveyor equipment solutions for pick-and-place workplaces and for returns processing is being supplemented meaningfully by TRANSNORM. Against the backdrop of constantly growing e-commerce and the associated high number of returns, a high level of functionality and system efficiency plays a dominant role.

TRANSNORM and SOVEX - They go perfectly together!

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