TRANSNORM Helix Belt Conveyors – two functions, one conveyor, full speed...

Helix curves are used in conveyor systems when besides transport over a curve, there is also a difference in height that needs to be overcome. Thanks to the holistic construction concept, TRANSNORM Helix Belt Conveyors combine performance and reliability. In addition, the effective space requirement of the conveyor belt in the system layout reduces and the entire handling right up to belt replacement is highly simplified.

TRANSNORM Helix Belt Conveyors provide the following benefits

  • Extremely high values of throughput
  • Less controlling effort and no advance cyclic operation
  • Patented belt guiding system and conical drums for maximum reliability and smoothness in running
  • Low-tension conveyor belt drive across the entire width of the belt enables extremely long times of deployment
  • Optimised in terms of weight, space and installation
  • Very low noise levels compared to conveyors with chain drives

Fields of Application

  • Airport baggage handling systems
  • Distribution hubs of trade, service providers and parcel services
  • Unit load and container conveying systems for almost all industrial applications
  • Dry areas in food industry

Performance data of TRANSNORM Helix Belt Conveyors

Conveyor Speedup to 4 m/sup to 800 FBM
Weight loadup to 160 kgup to 350 lb
Inner radiusup to 1,500 mm up to 60"
Nominal widthup to 1,500 mm up to 60"
Conveyor angleup to 180° up to 180°
Elevation at the inner radiusup to 18° up to 18°

*Specifications other than these are available on request

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