Safeglide® Spiral Chutes - Save energy while conveying with the force of gravity

The TRANSNORM Safeglide® Spiral Chute is a fast, safe and cost-effective solution for transporting packaged goods gently in parcel distribution centres from one level to another. The spiral chutes are designed from multiple fibreglass-reinforced epoxy resin coated layers. The sliding surface consists of a special finish in which the finest stainless steel balls are embedded and give the surface excellent sliding properties and a particularly high resistance to wear and tear. The TRANSNORM Safeglide® Spiral Chute can be combined with different guides and used as a dynamic buffer with safe and automatic gliding.

The Safeglide® Spiral Chute offers the following benefits

  • Safe and fast downward movement
  • Noise-damping and flame resistant composite material
  • Excellent gliding capability that remains unaffected even by unfavourable ambient conditions such as high atmospheric humidity
  • Low procurement costs and low maintenance cost/effort
  • No moving parts and no spare and wear parts
  • Low-cost repair

Fields of Application Spiral Chutes

  • Airport baggage handling
  • Parcel handling
  • Warehouse and distribution systems
  • Dry areas in food/pharmaceutical industry

Performance data of TRANSNORM Spiral Chutes

Weight up to 60 kg/mup to 40 lbs/ft
Overall diameter2,280 ... 3,120 mm 60" ... 122.8"
Nominal width450 ... 1,475 mm 18" ... 59"


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