The TRANSNORM Spiral Tower - Gapless conveying in a limited area of space

The TRANSNORM Spiral Tower is used for conveying products vertically in a limited area of space using a continuous polymer conveying surface and a single motor. The highly engineered polymer conveying surface and linkage system of the TRANSNORM Spiral Tower ensures quiet, smooth operation with lower energy consumption than similar products available and lubrication-free maintenance. The TRANSNORM Spiral Tower provides a rigid, nearly gapless conveying surface to handle even the smallest products.

TRANSNORM Spiral Towers offer the following benefits

  • Polymer drive linkage requires no lubrication
  • Unique conveying slats are universal and easily interchangeable
  • Ships fully assembled for simple installation
  • Single motor design
  • Quiet operation
  • Will run as an incline or a decline without modification

Fields of Application

  • Distribution center of dealers, logistics, service providers and packing services
  • Dry areas in food/pharmaceutical industry

Performance data of the TRANSNORM Spiral Tower

Conveyor Speed up to 1.0 m/sup to 200 FPM
Total Weight loadup to 2,250 kgup to 5,000 lb
Conveying Width610/ 710/ 760 mm24"/ 28"/ 30“
Overall Diametermin. 2,337 mmmin. 92“
Elevationmax. 13°  max. 13°

TRANSNORM and SOVEX - They go perfectly together!

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