Every Tyre Counts

Continental AG is one of the largest global suppliers of tyres for the automotive industry. With business booming they opened a new distribution centre in Lousado, Portugal. Following a highly competitive procurement process Sovex were awarded the contract to supply material handling equipment for the new site. Sovex were chosen above all their competitors for their proven reliability, adaptable technology, robust machinery and expertise in this area.One of the biggest challenges for Sovex was to find a counter that would count tyres with 99.9% accuracy. Not an easy task because during loading Continental overlap the tyres to maximise space and allow for a quick (un)loading process.

The Sovex Solution

No avenue was left unexplored to find the right counter that suited the challenging request from Continental. The final installation comprised of seven telescopic belt vehicle loaders, each with a single person man-rider, a bespoke counter that complies with Continental requirements, air circulation to keep the operators cool, hydraulics and gallows lights to allow for better lighting in the vehicles. The man-rider allowed operators to reach tyres in the trailers complying with EU health and safety requirements. The gallow lights were fitted with LEDs which ensured the operators could not only clearly see the tyres but if one light was broken or damaged there would only be partial failure compared to the alternative which was fitting them with bulbs. The commitment and determination of Sovex, combined with a competitive price, has led to Continental ordering five additional machines for Lousado which will be delivered in 2014. 

“Sovex were committed to the project and determined to overcome the challenges presented.”
Roberto Araújo, Manager Engineering Department, Continental AG


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