Going the Extra Mile

UK footwear distributor, Shoe Zone, sell over 30 million pairs of footwear every year through over 550 retail outlets. When dealing with such a large volume of product it is essential to Shoe Zone that their distribution centres run smoothly all of the time. With a wide range of both telescopic and flat bed conveyors at the heart of their distribution operation they cannot afford for these essential machines to be out of action.

Historically, Shoe Zone have used a local engineering firm to fix mechanical breakdowns. On one occasion, however, their local firm was unable to help due to the specialist nature and age of the equipment. Some of the parts required were now obsolete. Shoe Zone turned to Sovex for help.

The Sovex Solution

Sovex engineers visited the Shoe Zone distribution centre and surveyed the faulty conveyor. Due to the age of the machine Sovex had to manufacture the specialist parts necessary to fix it. The conveyor was fully repaired at minimal cost, with a one year warranty on the new parts. Shoe Zone were delighted with the result which prevented them having to invest unplanned budget in a new conveyor.

TRANSNORM and SOVEX - They go perfectly together!

With the increasing automation of large and even smaller parcel distribution centres, the demand for customised solutions that must meet the stringent...

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