Keeping Up With The News

Smiths News is the UK’s largest newspaper and magazine wholesaler. Every week they deliver over 73 million publications to over 30,000 retailers. With such large volumes flowing through their distribution centres they cannot afford faulty machinery.

However, Smiths News had been experiencing a major problem with their existing conveyors which were struggling to control the speed and volume of product flow. Newspapers and magazines were increasingly backing up, jamming in the roller conveyors, wearing out the rollers at an alarming rate, and causing a fire hazard. Despite repeated attempts by their previous supplier to resolve the issue, Smiths News were no nearer a solution after three years. This is when they approached Sovex.

The Sovex Solution

After visiting the distribution centre and surveying the issue first hand, Sovex engineers set about designing a solution. They developed a bespoke part which could be easily attached to the conveyor preventing newspapers being dragged under the belt. The solution was very cost effective and had a 100% success rate. Downtime was significantly reduced as was the fire risk. Smiths News were so pleased with the result that they awarded Sovex a national contract to service and repair all their material handling equipment.

TRANSNORM and SOVEX - They go perfectly together!

With the increasing automation of large and even smaller parcel distribution centres, the demand for customised solutions that must meet the stringent...

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