Music to My Ears

Red Submarine Limited launched in 2003 and it has become one of the largest retailers of musical instruments and equipment in the UK with over 350,000 customers. Their mission is to offer great prices and excellent service. Due to the speed of their growth, in the summer of 2013 Red Submarine decided that they needed to move their business to a larger site. This transition had to be completed by November 2013 in time for their peak trading period. A very tight timescale for such a big move.

When Red Submarine contacted Sovex they had very specific requirements. They wanted two small van powered loaders, a unit to off load containers and a mobile vehicle loader for standard trailers to manage the loading of merchandise for onward delivery to customers. Refurbished equipment was not an option for financial reasons. Sovex were given 2 months from briefing to submit their proposal, win the contract, and implement a working solution.



The Sovex Solution

Following a site visit Sovex identified 3 types of equipment required, all of which have strong belt grip for additional product safety – vital for fragile musical instruments:

  • 2 x off courier van loaders
  • 1 x off van powered loader with gravity flex
  • 1 x off mobile vehicle loader (ML5)

Due to the very short lead times Sovex sourced some of the required equipment through a trusted 3rd party. Sovex engineers strongly believed that their unique ML5 machine would provide the best solution. Unfortunately one could not be supplied at such short notice. Sovex therefore installed a temporary ex-hire machine, free of charge, until the ML5 could be delivered.

The installation of the new material handling equipment reduced vehicle turnaround at the new site significantly without interrupting the daily servicing of customer orders. This has enabled Red Submarine to deliver on their promise of excellent service, even throughout their busiest period.

“Sovex’s equipment meant we could load fragile musical instruments quicker and reduce the likelihood of damaging goods. The project was completed on time for peak season.”
Martin Stephenson, Operations Manager, Red Submarine


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