Protecting Britain’s Borders

When Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs required a new vehicle loader to speed up operations at their examination shed in Liverpool’s docklands, they contacted Sovex. With over 800 containers per day needing to be inspected for illegal contents the HMRC operators needed to be able to work speedily but also thoroughly. They needed a material handling system that was fast, flexible and mobile.

The Sovex Solution

Following an on-site inspection at Liverpool docks and discussions with HMRC, Sovex engineers installed a TL6 telescopic vehicle loader with Sovex’s unique Powerdrive fully mobile chassis. This system allowed HMRC operators to easily reposition the conveyor wherever needed to accommodate the irregular positioning of containers and efficiently unload their contents for inspection. In addition to speeding up the process the new Sovex telescopic conveyor has reduced the amount of lifting and carrying required of the HMRC operators, improving both health and safety standards at the site.


TRANSNORM and SOVEX - They go perfectly together!

With the increasing automation of large and even smaller parcel distribution centres, the demand for customised solutions that must meet the stringent...

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