Saves Time Saves Money

Oak Furniture Land, owned by JB Global, is the UK’s largest retailer of hardwood furniture. Processing over 150,000 orders a year, the company is growing fast and the logistics of handling such large volumes of heavy, bulky items is a constant challenge.  All stock is received, processed and dispatched through their 300,000 square foot distribution centre. It is then passed on to their in-house delivery network, JB Direct.  Maintaining control of the process and ensuring high standards of service are paramount to the business owners.  A larger proportion of stock sold by the furniture retailer is imported via sea cargo. Before Sovex’s involvement this very heavy and cumbersome cargo (often up to 90kg per item) was being manually offloaded from sea containers and put into cages, ready for storage.

The Sovex Solution

Sovex were tasked with reducing the manual heavy lifting required in the above process with the aim of saving time and money. Speed is important as the offloading of each shipment has to be completed within 3 hours to avoid costly shipping demurrage charges.
Following a full review of the process, Sovex installed a refurbished telescopic belt conveyor and a 12 metre gravity roller unit. The gravity roller mechanically lifts items off the belt conveyor and places them in cages. It has removable end stops that can be positioned anywhere on the conveyor to stop goods at the correct cage. 
A refurbished telescopic belt conveyor was used to keep costs down but still deliver optimum results.
Today, all staff need to do is lift items onto the conveyor belt within the container. This has significantly speeded up the unloading process – saving both time and money – and has also reduced staff injuries. Due to the success of the new equipment, 3 more identical systems have been installed by JB Global.

“Sovex’s equipment meant we have reduced manual heavy lifting and saved time and money. We were previously relying on manual lifting which resulted in injuries and time off work.”
Lee Graham, Head of Logistics Operations, J B Global


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