Sleep Easy with Sovex

Bed and mattress manufacturer Sleepmasters (now part of Bensons for Beds) needed to increase handling capacity at their mattress warehouse in Accrington. Due to the large size and weight of their cargo they were finding off the shelf conveyor solutions unsuitable. Sleepmaster needed a bespoke solution to transport mattresses up to 2m x 2m, which was also fully mobile and could load and unload at more than one dock without the need for floor-mounted rails.

The Sovex Solution

Sovex engineers responded to Sleepmasters’ enquiry by producing a specially adapted telescopic boom conveyor on a fully mobile chassis.  Not only could this conveyor handle all mattress sizes and be easily moved between loading docks, it also had a special belt with a gripface to increase traction with the larger mattresses. The edges of all contact surfaces were rounded to avoid snagging the protective mattress packaging, and the design of the new conveyor and mobile chassis integrated seamlessly with Sleepmasters’ existing product handling system. Sleepmasters could now load to two floors increasing available floorspace. Following installation of the new Sovex conveyor Sleepmasters saw a significant reduction in loading time which led to an increase in throughput at their warehouse and lower levels of holding stock. It was a win-win situation.

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