The Perfect Partner

Dematic is a global leader providing a comprehensive range of intelligent intralogistics and material handling solutions. As a system integrator, Dematic is able to provide its customers with a unique perspective in world class material handling solutions. They work with many companies and have chosen Sovex to be one of their trusted suppliers. Sovex first worked with Dematic on a project in the Netherlands to automate a new distribution centre for Edco, a Dutch import/export trading organisation with limited experience in the automation business. Together, Sovex and Dematic proposed the best solution for their client to achieve Edco’s operational goals and cost targets. The main challenge was to supply equipment that could traverse 65 meters on rails.

The Sovex Solution

Through close collaboration with both Dematic and Edco, Sovex proposed a solution that met all Edco requirements. Sovex supplied and installed four custom-made traversing machines, equipped with hydraulics on a movable chassis. The moving chassis allows Edco to unload at several loading doors thus speeding up the process. In addition a unique catenary system covering over 65 metres was installed 4.5 metres in the air, serving 13 docks with just 3 machines. Sovex was also awarded a quarterly maintenance contract with Dematic and Edco to ensure the smooth running of the new equipment.

“Sovex is a very professional and pleasant supplier to work with , with very quick reaction times and short decision lines to make things happen for our clients”
Sebastian Ravestein, Planning Consultant Integrated Systems, Dematic


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