You’ve got mail

UK Mail is the largest independent delivery company in the UK transporting mail parcels and merchandise all around the world. Providing a fast and efficient service, combined with excellent logistics management, is essential for UK Mail to both win and maintain business from their many global clients. Managing their network of over 55 UK sites and almost 2,500 vehicles is no easy task. For the last 6 years they have relied on companies like Sovex to keep their operation running smoothly.

Historically, Sovex was one of a number of companies who both supplied and maintained UK Mail’s many conveyors and vehicle loaders.  Repairs were carried out on an ad hoc basis as and when machinery malfunctioned. As UK Mail’s operation continued to grow it became apparent that they required a faster, more efficient way to maintain their equipment and prevent unnecessary downtime. As their preferred supplier, they turned to Sovex for help and advice.



The Sovex Solution

Service Connect provided the perfect solution for UK Mail. For a fixed annual fee Sovex engineers regularly service and maintain all UK Mail’s numerous conveyors across 53 different sites, ensuring that they are kept running at maximum capacity, all of the time. Any worn parts are replaced before they become a problem, and should an emergency breakdown occur, a fully qualified engineer is guaranteed to be on site within 4 hours.
In reality, Sovex have exceeded this response time, arriving on site within 78 minutes* of a reported breakdown. The result? Less downtime, increased productivity, improved customer service, and greater customer satisfaction leading to more business and increased revenue for UK Mail.

“UK Mail and Sovex have worked very hard over the last 6 years and have successfully established a meaningful partnership – I have no hesitation in recommending them. They have consistently shown a real and unwavering interest in delivering a quality service to our business that delivers best value and seeks out innovative ways of meeting both our temporary and permanent needs.”
Richard Wenham, Network Development Director, UK Mail


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