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SOVEX, now a TRANSNORM company; designs and manufacturers innovative vehicle loader modules and transport conveyor solutions. Founded in 2002, we have since supported end users and integrators alike, in turn establishing a broad range of international blue-chip clients across the Parcel and Distribution sectors. Our trusted experience and worldwide infrastructure help to deliver you with an edge in day-to-day business – SOVEX is now a more compelling player in the market having joined the TRANSNORM Group in 2015.

Global Management Board

I consider reliability and respect to be the basis of trustworthy cooperation.
Sidy G. Diop
  • 2002

    SOVEX Limited is founded in Prenton, North West, UK

    SOVEX emerges from the SOVEX Marshall brand which carried weight in the conveyor industry for decades prior.

  • 2003

    Refurbished equipment is the order of the day

    Primarily serving demand for the manufacturing refurbishment of existing Vehicle Loaders, Prenton acts as a base for both office and practical space.

  • 2005

    New markets, new products

    Continued requests from a growing client base leads the design and manufacturing of new Vehicle Loaders and Roller Conveyor modules.

  • 2008

    National service coverage

    Servicing, maintenance and breakdown repairs requested for vehicle loaders and conveyors old & new – a service fulfilled through SOVEX Service Connect.

  • 2010

    SOVEX Bendy Boom, the result of strong synergy with DPD Group

    Seeking a flexible vehicle loader capable of loading and unloading 40ft trailers and smaller collection vans, DPD sought the design expertise of SOVEX to develop a bespoke solution. The patented, award-winning SOVEX Bendy Boom was born.

  • 2011

    European Expansion

    First oversees subsidiary opens in The Netherlands. As a European logistics hub, the Benelux region acts as a perfect base for a multi-lingual pan-European Sales and Service Support Office.

  • 2012

    DPDHL collaboration yields the SOVEX Space Saver Boom

    With emphasis on space optimisation and multifunctional capabilities, collaboration with Deutsche Post DHL resulted in a customised vehicle loading solution – the SOVEX Space Saver Boom.

  • 2012

    Asian Sales Push

    Global push continues East with Sales Offices and a first order from China.

  • 2013

    SOVEX Sdn. Bhd established in Malaysia

    Overseas 20,000sq/ft manufacturing facility (since expanded to 50,000 sq/ft) and office space established in Kluang, Malaysia specialising in Vehicle Loader manufacturing and shortening lead times for Asia-Pacific region.

  • 2014

    Presentation of latest Mobile Vehicle Loader (MVL12)

    Portable hydraulic powered mobile chassis, allied with the deepest vehicle penetration ever within the SOVEX Mobile range.  A module designed to support emerging markets and siites without a loading bay.

  • 2015

    TRANSNORM SYSTEM GmbH acquires SOVEX Limited

    An already diverse SOVEX product portfolio is now supplemented with the addition of industry leading and world renowned TRANSNORM transport conveyor modules. A common client base across Parcel and Distribution can now benefit from a worldwide sales and service network.

  • 2016

    Close collaboration within the TRANSNORM GROUP

    Continued integration of TRANSNORM & SOVEX intel across departments, particularly Engineering and after-sales support.  Consolidation complete of adjacent manufacturing facilities in Kluang, Malaysia.  Numerous successful project deliveries across the Parcel industry.

  • 2016

    Introduction of TRANSNORM Singulation Concept (TSC)

    Initial installation of the future-proof solution takes place at the Deutsche Post DHL Sorting Center. Providing a 6.000 parcel throughput capability through bulk 3D unloading and the singulation of over 95% of the parcel load spectrum from bulk to single file –delivering on ambitious automation and infrastructure goals for the market leading DPDHL.

  • 2017

    Introduction of TRANSNORM Sorting Modules (TSM) initiative

    Designed to offer a flexible, scalable, modular Parcel-specific portfolio to support automation at the increased number of smaller posts and express sites in the Parcel sector. TSM provides a short delivery times and easy installation whilst enabling space optimisation within existing sites, expansions and new builds. Covering the functions of unloading, conveying, timing, aligning, sorting and loading; the facilitation of high performance, reliable sortation for up to 6,000 pph is a reality

  • 2017

    TRANSNORM SYSTEM Co., Ltd. opens in Thailand Opens

    A new centralised production factory in the Bang Bo industrial zone of Eastern Bangkok is developed, housing cutting edge engineering equipment. Strategically located near the harbour and airport, the purpose built facility specialises in the production of belt curves, incline conveyors as well as SOVEX telescopic conveyors. Replacing the TRANSNORM Malaysia location, it acts as another manufacturing hub serving the Asia-Pacific region and beyond

  • 2018

    Expansion of existing production facility at TRANSNORM HQ

    Continued investment in TRANSNORM’s principal premises through increased production and assembly areas. An additional 4,500 sq/m of workspace provides space to house innovative machine technology and further reduction in lead times.

TRANSNORM and SOVEX - They go perfectly together!

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